How to get Technical Support – Remote assistance via Teamviewer

This video teaches you how you can get technical support for any problem you may have for the software, please watch the tutorials before you contact us. Most of the times the questions you will ask us, are inside the videos. If what you are asking is in the video we will direct you back to watch the video first.

Windows Defender Removing File and Database not Connecting

This are 2 of the main problems i have seen when installing the software, either the antivirus remove the autopostingtools.exe file because it thinks it has a virus, or the database is not connecting and it shows an error.

Regarding the antivirus problem the software do not have any virus it gives you the warning because the software can do certain functions that the antivirus consider dangerous like downloading files which we do to download the images, it can move the mouse which we use to click buttons and things like that. so what do we do to solve this. First restore the file to the original location so you open windows defender go to the tab history, then select the file and click restore. that will put the file back in the folder from where it was removed from, then we can create an exception to the installation folder so next time it wont be scanned and therefore it wont delete the executable file.

The second problem is that the database is not connecting, the reason for this is that some users copy or move the autopostingtools.exe to the desktop instead of creating a shortcut, the files of the autoposting tools have to be together for them to work properly so if you separate them you will get warnings like the database not wanting to connect. to solve this just put back the autopostingtools.exe into the main installation folder and then create a shortcut instead of moving the file.

Install a Virtual Machine with Windows 7 in your Mac

This video teaches you how you can install a Windows 7 Virtual Machine so you can use our software even if you have a mac, everything is explain on the video and all links are provided in the video. We don’t host anything all links are redirects to other sites that contain the files that you need.