How to Install the Software in your Computer

If you have mac you need to a windows virtual machine Click Here to learn how to do it
The first tutorial is about how to install the software, after you made your payment you need to install Microsoft SQL Server so the software can interact with the database that contains the cities where you will post.
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How to add new Cities to the Craigslist Auto Posting Software

I believe that you should be able to post on any city that you want, however to add all cities takes a lot of time, so i added the most popular cities (over 220), if you do not find your city in the software do not panic, is very easy to add a new city. Just watch the following tutorial and you will be able to post on any city that Craigslist has.

How to Start Posting With Craigslist Auto Posting Software

After you download the software, you may be wondering how do i use it, it looks very complex, well its not, it is easy to use however some people need some help and i am here to help you, so i created this video going on detail on how you can start posting with Craigslist auto posting, It is step by step and it should help you to get started whit your first campaign.

How to post up to 108 ads a day

When i created this software it only allowed you to post with 1 profile (3 accounts), then a lot of people suggested that they wanted to be able to post more ads, so i created the profile changer feature, that means that after it finish posting with the first profile (3 accounts) then it will switch the profile and the accounts and continue posting, it will do this 12 times during the day every switch will be around 2 hours or the time you chose. If you use the 12 profiles to post you will need 36 Craigslist PVAs and the proxies to post on cities outside your own city.

How to post up Nation Wide

This tutorial explains how you will manage posting on multiple cities, it talks about proxies, cities, accounts and much more. If you want to post nation wide you have to see this video, to post properly and reduce the chances of your ads being flagged. I do a live example of how to manage all the settings in the software. Explaining the concepts that you need to understand when posting ads in multiple cities.

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How to Make an Update In Craigslist Auto Posting Software

This video will show you how you can make a successful update without losing any information.

How to export and import your ads in autopostingtools software

This video will show you how you can export and import your ads in autopostingtools software.

How to Scrape Craigslist Ads and Repost them 2018

This video will show you how you can extract ads from Craigslist and then re-post them with your information instead of your competitors. It show you how to add a single ad and how to spin the ad so you have multiple variations of the same ad.

How to Create Phone Verified Accounts Manually

In order to create phone verified accounts you will need phone numbers.
You can order the phone number from us, just click the link below and place your order.
You tell us what number you want us to forward the Craigslist phone verification call
We will provide you the numbers and you will verify your accounts.
Remember that if you are doing accounts for other cities you will need to be using a proxy for that city.

Get Verizon Numbers

How to get Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts (PVA)

Learn how to get Craigslist accounts, here i explain you the steps you have to follow, so you could get more accounts to post.

Google Search

Secret Method

Image / Photo Resizer

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Select your image, the folder where you will save it and the software will create multiple size variations of your image. Get multiple images from 1 file also get smaller / bigger size images to upload to classified sites or social media.
Reduce your image file size before uploading to Craigslist anything before 1 mb is good.

Image Border Creator

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Create Hundredths of images with a few clicks. It will load your image, then it will add borders to it random color and it will save them in the folder of your choice. Perfect if you want to have the same image listed in multiple websites.

How to upload images in the Craigslist Auto Posting Software

In this tutorial we show you how to upload images for your craigslist ads
Its so easy, also we show you how to reduce the size of your images
and how you can add your phone number and website to an image
so you avoid craigslist radars since your information will be in the image
instead of the ad itself, and since craigslist cannot read images
it will pass the Craigslist radars.

How to Create a Profile and Post Ads by Specific Campaign

Learn how to create a profile and how to post ads by specific campaigns. Some people had some questions about how to create profile, so i decided to make a video explaining that process. Also i added a new feature so you can make each post to post from different categories.

Mega Spinner in action

When you post on Craigslist is recommended that you have different ads because if you post the same ad over and over. The ad will be flagged, thinking about this we recommend you to use spin text, which basically consist of making multiple variations of your ads. The megasppiner will help you do that. Every time you ads is posted, it will grab a different variation so your ads look different and the chances of getting flagged will be reduced.

How to post to 28 classified sites – Easy as copy and paste

You want more exposure for your ads then why not to publish them on more sites, we included a 28 websites that allows you to post for free. This process is manual but however it will give you more exposure, we also made it so easy that you only have to copy and paste the ads in the classified sites.

How To Check Uploaded Photos To Your Craigslist Ad

This new awesome feature allows you to see which images are working on your craigslist ads so when you are posting you dont get any problem like the no legal path (Which is generated because the image that will be posted on the ad is no longer on the server). It will generate an html page with all your images and ad information
so you can see which images are good when you are using our Craigslist auto posting software, so when the image is not good you know which image URL needs to be replaced.

Craigslist Ad Renewer

This module will login into 1 account renew 2 ads and then log out change to a different account renew another 2 ads and log out, you can do this with all your accounts, perfect to renew ads automatically without posting new ads.

Craigslist Ad flagger

Personally i don’t recommend flagging people as you need a lot of time, a lot of proxies and it does not always work since so ads have been there for a long time and a lot of people have seen the ad and not flagged it would take a long time to get deleted, however if you want to know how to do it this video will help you out.

How To Avoid Getting Flagged on Craigslist – Guidelines

Learn the set of rules you must follow so your ads do not get flagged or ghosted, also it shows how would it work on the software and it provides you with the general posting guidelines (You can access this on our manual).

How To Avoid Getting Flagged on Craigslist – Software

After posting your ads just revisit your ads a few times so it will be harder to get flagged. This is because the flagging process is just a rate between how many people saw your ad and how many people flag it. If you ad has been seen multiple times before someone start flagging it, it will be more difficult. There are still chances of you getting flagged because there are many factors involved on it. but at least you will have one less to worry about.

How to make money with Craigslist and Fiverr | Easy and Fast

Scrape Craigslist and find people that need a service then Scrape fiverr find people that would do the service for 5 dollars then resell that service to other people at a higher price. Keep the difference. That simple.Make money being the middle man.

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Craigslist Email Harvester 2017! New Version – How to Get Fresh Leads From Craigslist

Get the ads for the category you are looking for, hit a few buttons and get the emails of all the ads, so you can email them and promote your offers. Or generate more leads for your business.

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How to use proxies properly to change the proxy in the computer

Change your proxy and post in multiple cities and renew your ads using proxies.

How to get Technical Support – Remote assistance via Teamviewer

This video teaches you how you can get technical support for any problem you may have for the software, please watch the tutorials before you contact us. Most of the times the questions you will ask us, are inside the videos. If what you are asking is in the video we will direct you back to watch the video first.