Proxy Checker

When you use public places to scrape information, you need to check if the proxies will actually work, this module will test your proxies and if they are able to return a stable connection, it will create a list with good proxies that you can use in the software.

For each item in List

Load a list of items like names or products, use a template for it and generate all the htmlcode that you need, for every item on the list.

Bookmarks and Accounts Manager

Store the information of your accounts, for easy access, open the page that you want to login and copy and paste username and passwords, never forget your password again!

Image Water Marker

Add your link to your images, so they are protected and other people cannot use them, this is useful when you have an eCommerce site so people cannot steal your images so easily.

Auto Clicker

Select the time and position of the clicks that you want your computer to do at specific times, this is perfect when you are running vps and you want to have focus on your vps in an specific time. So your vps perform any action required.

Gmail Email Generator

Generate gmail emails on the fly, type your base email and get email variations, where all will redirect to the main email. 1000 Emails in a few seconds

PDF Merger – Join multiple PDF files into one

This will show you how to join multiple pdfs into one, so you can send only 1 file to your clients.

Anonymous Web browser

Simple Web browser that allows you to change proxy and user agent, you can clear cookies. You can navigate anonymously using proxies. You can create accounts to any site because you will be consider a different user. You can vote multiple times in contests, you by pass sites that banned your ip.

How to Encrypt Text – Keep your information secure

Paste your text in the software and encrypt it, this means that the text will not be readable for anyone that does not have the software and the password. Fully secure conversations trough email. (Since the text is encrypted)

Share Buttons Creator

Create amazing buttons for your website, so people can share your content, the more they share the more traffic you get, just fill out a few fields and you will get sharing buttons. Its very easy to create them.

Text Replacer

Replace multiple text at once, perfect when you need to do many changes to content that repeat itself, you do not want to rewrite everything just replace the main points. You will love this module as it is very helpful.

Clipboard Notes Helper

Save text you use very often, then select it from the table and copy and paste it wherever you need. perfect for people creating content or posting your campaigns on forums or groups.

Free Proxy Scrapper

This will give you 200 free proxies, that will be always renewing

Keyword Variation Tool

This will give you different variations of your main keyword list, perfect for putting the keywords for your videos or pages in wordpress, this will help you improve your SEO

Link Cloacker Generator

It will generate php files to redirect your visitors to any page you like, the link would look like and you can chose the url that it will link to, plus if you want to direct the traffic to a different page, you can change it afterwards

Bulk Shortened links

Shorten multiple links and give it to you in a list

Qr Code Generator

This will generate you a qr code image that you can use in your graphic design images, to redirect people to your website, you can use it to store information for people to read with their mobile devices, put your affiliate or cpa offer links in the qr code and make people buy from your their phone.

Badoo Girl Liker

This will like girls on the badoo platform