Google Maps Business

Get all the business from your location so you can contact them and offer services. Export the phone numbers and then mass call them with your offer or promotion.

Twilio SMS Mass Sender

Send SMS to your clients, load a list of numbers and send them messages or call them with your offers. Bulk messages or bulk calls with anything that you have to promote. This is a game changer, your clients will receive your offer promotions on their cellphone. Instant Results.

Warrior Messenger

Get all the users that bought from an special offer in the warrior forum and contact them promoting similar products or similar services. Get a list of buyers and sell your products to people that is ready to buy. Powerful and easy to use warrior forum user scrapper.

Yellow Pages Lead Finder

Get leads from yellow pages based on keyword, then you will check if those users are on social media and create a seo report about those sites. Then contact the owners and offer your services about seo, website development and traffic generation.

Manta Lead Scraper

Get more leads for your promotions. This will go to and will get the companies for any service that you select. Then you can visit their websites, then call or email them to offer a service that they need (Website Redesign, Make website Mobile Responsive or SEO). The best part is that you can outsource the work and keep the profits for yourself.

Email Scrapper

Do you need to create an email list? Well we can help you with that, this module will look for emails related to the keywords you specified. This is useful because you find people interested on the keyword you try to target, so people is more likely to take the offer you promote because they are interested. This generate you a list of emails that you can export to mail chimp and send emails to them or use the email sender and let it work for you.

Ultimate Scraper Pro Lead Generation Software (Easy Money with Yelp)

Get more leads for your promotions. This will go to yelp and will get the top 10 companies for any keyword you selected. Then you can visit their ads, or website and then call them to offer a service that they need.