Kijiji Autoposting 2018

This will post on kijiji

Kijiji Account Creator

Load all your email passwords and proxies and start creating accounts for kijiji, this is the fastest way to create kijiji accounts.
You have 3 ways to create the accounts, and then you can import the accounts on the kijiji poster so you can start posting as many ads as you want.

Kijiji Autoposting 2 ads per account – Special Posting Section

This is an special posting process for posting 2 ads on each account. The software would login to the account, it would delete the existing ads in the account and the in would post 2 ads in the account after that it would move on to the next account, until you run out of ads or you run out of accounts.

Kijiji Ad Scrapper / Replier

Type a keyword and find people looking for those services, if i type website development i will find people that need a website, then i can contact them and make money. Getting clients have never been that easier.

Backpage Auto poster

Post your ads in backpage, extract ads from craigslist, then use the ads to post them on backpage, easy creating ads, save your ads in a database so you can repost them, multiple cities location, duplicate your ads and change city so you can post the same ad in multiple cities, automatic login and ad verification.