Udemy Course Information Scraping

Search for the courses based on keywords, it will tell you the information of the course the hours of training, the number of students, the number of reviews. Perfect to do research and see what courses are perfect to make. Make money teaching what you know.

Title Generator

create 700 titles with ONE CLICK:
Content Ideas + Catchy Headlines + Ad Campaign
E-mail Subject Lines + Emotional Titles.
Simple – Efficient – One Click

Twitter Trending HashTags

Want to know whats trending, this will give you the trending topics of the last week so you know what is getting attention and plan traffic or content campaigns based on those topic. Review popular topics and get additional trffic to your site.

Fake Name Generator

Whenever you are creating fake accounts or fake profiles, this will give you the name, address, phone and fake information that will allow you to create hundredths of accounts as easy as copying and pasting the information that we give you.

Scrapping Emails

Use this tools to scrape many emails so you can email people later on

Reddit Scrapping

Are you looking for interesting content for you posts, or articles, well you are lucky. This software scrape the content from the site Reddit where users thumbs up images, videos, articles they like. If it got likes on Reddit that means is interesting, so you can use this for you Facebook post to generate more likes and more engagement in your fanpage/blog/website.

Twitter Tweets Extractor

Get all the tweets of your favorite artist, get quotes, get jokes, get comments made to the specific account that you chose

Google Image Scraper – Affiliate HTML Code Image Creator

Search google images and create HTML code with your affiliate link.

Image Extractor

Want to get all images from a website only with a few clicks. Then use this module. In this module you type the URL with all the pictures that you want to download to your computer, and the software will create a list of the images, and download them individually or all of them and save them in a folder of your choice

Torrent Scrapper

Use this tools to scrape torrents from the pirate bay