Wanelo Popular/Trending Products Finder

Find the Best products to market from wanelo, check how many saves and the price. So you can resell them in your wordpress store and make money.

Ebay Best Selling Items Scraper, Most Popular Keywords, Auction sniper.

Get the price and URL of the best selling products by keyword, you will find the best selling items by category, the most searched keywords by category, eBay keyword suggestion tool, see what people is looking for, provide it to them its just like printing money. Also spy on your competitions, see what items they are selling and how well they sell, so you only chose products that do sell.

eBay Listing Software (Post faster on eBay)

This is a custom Firefox plugin created to fill the information of the listings in a very fast way, we have an inventory system where all the information is saved, we basically use the information from our inventory to create and xml code that will fill an eBay listing very fast, this plugin can be customized for any kind of product, if you have an inventory this is a powerful tool to post in eBay. (This is not part of Autopostingtools.com this was just a demo to explain how you can save time when posting on eBay. If you want/need something like this, it would have to be custom made for your needs you can contact me for more information.)